No More Foreign Wars!

For FAR TOO LONG America has been in the business of war. We have turned our military into a last resort occupation for poor kids looking to get free education and healthcare, giving the military industrial complex a steady supply of soldiers.

Companies that profit from these wars, such as; Exxon Mobil; Raytheon; and Boeing, have been lobbying billions of dollars into our political system in order to receive favorable votes that allow them to keep these wars going.

"We have been at war with foreign nations for the last 222 out of 239 years. What we need to do is bring all our troops home and stop destabilizing foreign governments, which in the long run makes regions worse for their inhabitants while creating terrorists that hate America. " - Dan Whitfield, U.S. Senate candidate

We spend on average around $3 billion dollars PER DAY on war.

Most of this money does not go to our troops, but to defense contractor companies which are mostly owned by ex-legislators. They use these defense companies and wars to funnel tax dollars into their pockets.

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