Ending Right To Work and Giving Federal Union Protections to Workers

Businesses have been taking advantage of workers and enough is enough. Your boss could walk into your office today and let you know the company no longer needs you and send you on your way, they don't even have to pay your PTO.

"We need to regain workers’ rights and protections through the choice of Unionism." - Dan Whitfield, U.S. Senate candidate

Workers need protections that ensure if they are doing their job, they need not be worried of losing it.

Just because your company no longer needs you, does not mean your bills will wait.

Back in the day every single American working for a large company had the right to vote to form a Union. It took 51% of the workers voting yes.

Workers also had federal protections that prevented the companies from retaliating on any worker that participated in the voting process.

CEOs from fortune 500 companies have been meeting together for decades at the "Round Table."

These CEOs have helped candidates get elected in both local and federal positions to weaken and destroy the Unions that protected Americans as we built America.

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