I  have two daughters, three grandchildren, and the love of my life, Shannon who serves as Vice-Chair of  Communications, Democratic Party of Carroll County.

I am a State Committee Member for the  Democratic Party of Arkansas and Third Congressional District Director for the Veterans and Military Families Caucus. Our mission is to act as a strong voice in advancing and  protecting veteran benefits by identifying, discussing, addressing issues important to veterans and military families while promoting effective legislation, and encouraging veterans and military families to participate in all levels of policy making.  

[Interested in joining? Send a message at:  https://www.facebook.com/ArkDemVets/ or  https://bit.ly/ArkDemsVets_MembershipForm.

In the  2018 election I ran for State Senate in District 5. After the election I served a two-year term as Vice-Chair of Candidate Support for Carroll County Democrats, and I worked the polls in the primary election in 2020. 

For many years I've designed and produced pottery and sculpture in a variety of mediums. Shown above is the twelve-foot tall figure of our donkey mascot I created for the Carroll County Democratic Party parades and events. 

I've made art works for public and private clients throughout the U.S. and abroad  through my small business, Paradise Pottery, near Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


 As a volunteer Emergency Responder and Firefighter Supervisor in Carroll County,  I am proud to have served my community for over seven years. 

Volunteer responders and paid responders, get the same training, deliver the same service, and take the same risks to help, rescue, and save.  But volunteers are are just that, volunteers (not paid in cash but rewarded in spirit).  In Arkansas, volunteers represent three-fourths of all emergency responders. 


Highlights of Education and Career:


Graduate, Lincoln East High School, Lincoln, NE.  


B.S., 1979, Business Administration, Nebraska Wesleyan University.  Banking,  Finance, Business Law, Accounting, Economics, Real Estate Macroeconomics, and Ethics.  Interned at Lincoln Hilton Hotel, 1979-1980.


B.F.A.  1982, Fine Art, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

Awarded David Vreeland Academic Scholarship.


M.F.A. 1984, Ceramic Sculpture, Texas A & M University-Commerce. Served five full-time graduate teaching appointments.

     Prior to opening Paradise Pottery near Eureka Springs in 1998, I taught at the following campuses serving as Assistant Professor and Department Head/Chair for the Fine Arts from 1981 to 1998.   Nebraska Wesleyan University, Texas A & M University-Commerce, TX and Muskingum University, New Concord, OH.


I was an organizer in 2014 and 2015 for the


for the food banks of Carroll County. Our group made and donated hundreds of soup bowls along with restaurant soup donations from area restaurants for a benefit attended by over 400 contributors each year. 

"Folks, that was some good soup !  The bowls weren't too bad either!"

SnakeDrive copy.jpeg