When asked to talk about myself, I’m like most anyone else or as John Cleese once said in an interview
with Terry Gross, “I’m always glad to talk about my favorite topic”. But the most important topic we,
the Democrats of Arkansas, need to contend with is, and before I mention this I certainly don’t mean
to underestimate those monstrous problems of the Covid pandemic, the global environmental crisis,
the cost of healthcare, a􀎜ordable housing, the excessive incarceration rate of Americans, getting dark
money out of politics and a host of other issues. I want to give a focus on getting more Democratic
candidates in our state’s campaigns, up and down the ballot. And of course, this is the obvious and
necessary step to taking back control from the out-of-control Republicans. Logically, I believe it
follows that putting an end to Republican control is critical to solving nearly every major problem we
confront in our state and the world today.

In Arkansas, we are currently witnessing the next in the series of atrocities impinging on voters’ rights
as the all-Republican panel prepares the maps of the new districts for the state. The aggressive
destruction to our most hallowed of citizens’ rights is not simply a matter of one adversary
overwhelming another. Indeed the destruction to the economy for all is at stake.
Republicans do not represent the interests of thepeople.
For Arkansas’s economy to sustain itself it must retain the businesses that are here. For the economy
to grow, the state must be able to attract new businesses and ensure an environment that is conducive
to real growth. How is this done? Growth depends on many aspects, such as maintaining and
improving infrastructure, staying current with technological advances throughout industry,
communications, education, and public & transportation safety. I’m sure the reader can think of more
concerns as I have yet to touch on human rights, but allow me to go on to insist that all of this requires
long term commitments to the projects and programs that develop economically strong communities.
Democratic Candidates can demonstrate they will represent the people and their needs.
As our candidates press on to the 2022 election day, our DPA needs to be on hand to learn how best to
support their campaigns. The DPA has and will continue to sponsor excellent training workshops for
candidates, campaign sta􀎜 and supporters. I have attended some of these and am always humbled by
realizing that there is always so much more to learn.
Of course the training for speaking, door knocking, phone-banking, sta􀎜 development, fund-raising is
all essential to success for each campaign. I believe the DPA, through its platform, now has a tool that
will help all of the candidates to stay on message, that is to be consistent with messaging throughout
the state. Within that consistency of messaging though, there is still freedom of 􀎠exibility for
candidates to tailor their message to respective areas of their constituency. The Democratic Party
represents the interests of a wide range of people who have come together to resolve issues and
recognize that discord and quarrelling may occur but must abate and we are dedicated to 􀎟nding a
consensus on our road to peace.
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Peace and Prosperity
These terms, “peace and prosperity”, are intertwined in our speeches, our culture and our personal
livelihoods by no coincidence of alliteration. The future solvency and 􀎟nancial strength of the
Democratic Party of Arkansas is but one of the major objectives for its leadership. In the short term,
the Party leadership needs to be alert to the general economic impact that the Covid pandemic incurs
within the state and with interstate business relationships, for example supply-chain delays that can
interrupt revenue streams for businesses at any scale and lead to lay-o􀎜s for employees and a
consequent reduction in personal income. In turn, these disruptions can diminish contributions to
Democratic candidates for o􀎝ce, and donations to the DPA that could impact campaigns for 2022.
The degree of impact is, of course, speculative and complex to calculate or predict, but I suggest we
take away two ideas. Neither idea is new, but both need to be highlighted now and in the coming
months. 1) We need to be sensitive and listen to the party membership and voter constituency for any
issues that lead to or have caused 􀎟nancial hardships because we are, all in this together, and the
􀎟nancial web of our economy can be both cruel and kind in reminding us of this fact. 2) Revenue (or
“contributions”, for candidates) should not be limited to one stream, or type of source. The revenue
portfolio needs to include the conventional donations from supporters, the sale of campaign and party
merchandise, online auctions, ra􀎞es for goods or services. What else? We always need fresh ideas,
right? Does the DPA need a think-tank team to come up with new ideas or a fresh spin on the old?
Community Action
The public perception of the Democratic Party in Arkansas seems to have taken on a tripolar aspect.
By that I mean, there are supportive Democratic members, many of whom give tremendously to the
party they believe in, then there are Republicans, and Libertarians who are quick to denigrate the
Democrats and attempt to reframe their positions on issues with false and injurious assertions, and
􀎟nally a large number of eligible voters who simply don’t care or even 􀎟nd all political factions to be
objectionable. This might be an overly simpli􀎟ed description, but the point I want to introduce here is
the ongoing need for the Democratic Party of Arkansas to always be seen as a positive force in our
communities statewide. One idea I’d like to propose is an Annual Arkansas Democratic Party’s SOUP
& SHELTER DAY. Essentially this would be a day where soup kitchens, food pantries and shelters
throughout the state would receive hands-on assistance from Democratic Party members in their area
in addition to donations made to these facilities.
Growing the Party
We have unlimited ideas for raising funds and doing great things to help our fellow citizens with the
Party because we are a positive force in our country. Recruiting new members is essential to being that
positive force as we proceed into the remaining decades of the 21st century. I see great optimism in the
younger Democratic groups as they have emerged in recent years, and clearly are in tune with the
prospects, the challenges and yes, even the threats, that the future wields. I would encourage the DPA
to be supportive and attentive to these members, some of whom I’ve met with and have been
impressed with their dedication, passion and knowledge.
To encourage more recruitment of young adults, I would like to place on the table for consideration
the notion of the DPA o􀎜ering some form of internships and scholarships to college students. I’m not
sure exactly how the details would be 􀎟nalized, but generally o􀎜ered to juniors who are declared in a
major that is appropriate (Poli Sci, Sociology, Public Communications etc.), with a minimum GPA,
and samples of writing and public speaking.
Members throughout the state often are unsure of how they can contribute at the local level to their
county party. I am not now referring to donating money or showing up for general membership
meetings. Our local leaders need to be reminded of the need to delegate assignments to members. This
avoids burnout among the executive members who are often the draught horses for their group, but it
also gives the general members a greater feeling of ownership, belonging and recognition of their value
to the group, and even preparing them to take on leadership roles in the future.
Positions on Issues
My positions are consistent with and supportive of all the issues the Party has addressed in the platform
approved in late 2020. I was enamored enough when I read the 􀎟rst draft that I took the time to
prepare and submit a table of contents which I felt was sorely lacking for a document of this size and
variety of topics. The platform project was a signi􀎟cant undertaking and the results were nothing
short of impressive. It is inevitable I suppose that there are some members who have disagreements
with the 􀎟nal version, but we now have a reference source for all of the members to consult. In the
future I’d expect there will be edits made, but for now this is very useful and I recommend every
member read its entirety.